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Volkswagen Adds

A few months ago I took some photos for the prestigious brand Volkswagen; this is some pictures intended for a service marketing campaign.

Up to date, Advertising material was produced and distributed to several countries in Latin America.

I’m proud to show you part of this job.


Final Images

Marketing Material

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Fallon – Tree Top Park

Past Weekend we made a photo-shoot in a very special place: Tree Top Park

Thank you Fallon for show us this new location

This Park is full of life, old trees and beautiful walk ways

I really recommend to visit this park if life around.

3900 S.W.100th Ave, Davie, FL 33328

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I really enjoy this shoot, very good energy, good people, good pics!

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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife Reserve:

During our last trip to Barbados in July, we (my wife and I) have the opportunity to visit this reserve, it’s a 4-acre area located on the north of the island.

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It was established by the Canadian primatologist and his wife Jean Baulu Anios by the 80’s, and basically sat bases there to study the Green Monkeys, sympathetic cousins ​​fearlessly walking all over the place.

After paying a modest amount (around 10 bucks) to enter you can make a nice walk down the mountain, which others of relaxing is designed to stop appreciating nature, and of course the green monkeys.

It is well worth visiting and collaborating with the locals for the maintenance and protection of nature.

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A Ship on the Horizon – Barbados

A Ship on the Horizon – Barbados:

This boat was right in front of us when we were about to take a submarine in Barbados, caught my attention as the rain was coming from the left, and the rays of the sun were falling on the boat, which cut the picture in the before and after the storm.