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Miami Wedding Photography – Elizabeth and Mike

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A beautiful wedding in a really nice location, Flamingo Gardens is an amazing place to have your miami wedding photography, Nature, Fauna, and many good spots to have good memories and really good pictures, I really enjoyed to work with Elizabeth and Mike, they are an extraordinary persons, made me feel like part of the family, Congratulations Guys, all the best in your married life.


Thank you!!



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Thank you for your Donation – Jessica and Charli

Hola Jessica y Charli

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Ante todo quería agradecerles nuevamente por haberme elegido como el fotógrafo para su boda, fue un gran placer trabajar para ustedes.

Hoy les escribo porque quiero comentarles que he hecho una pequeña donación en su nombre a la “Fundación Esperanza Animal” en Venezuela.

Ellos son una fundación dedicada al rescate, cuido y resguardo de animales que se encontraban en situación de abandono y en mal estado de salud en las calles de la ciudad de Caracas.

La población de animales que vive bajo el techo y cuido de la fundación es de 189 perros y 10 gatos actualmente.

La fundación es atendida por apenas 2 personas que trabajan sin descanso para mantener las instalaciones y garantizar que estas almas rescatadas además de tener armonía, libertad y comida, también estén vacunados, desparasitados y esterilizados.

La fundación necesita ayuda constantemente para mantenerse en pie, y hoy ustedes con su elección de fotografo han aportado su grano de arena.

Pero mejor dejo que Maria Gabriela les explique en que consistió su donativo, Mil Gracias!


Si desean hacer algún otro Donativo pueden comunicarse con:

Maria Gabriela Jaar
Telf. +58 0416-6287504/0414-9191357,
Facebook: Fundacion Esperanza Animal
o conmigo.

Cualquier ayuda por pequeña que sea es importante, con solo apenas $6 al mes uno de estos animalitos puede seguir viviendo feliz..


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Goblin Shark Photography – Very Rare to find

Off Kye West,Goblin Shark Photography,Gulf of Mexico

When you hear about the Goblin Shark on the radio and I realized that it was a species that I did not know, I did what surely many people, I headed to google looking for a photograph.

Although one of my dreams is to make sub marine photography, I cant imagine that it would be able to do if I find myself face to face with a specimen of these.

Fortunately live at very high depths and that is why it is so difficult to see any alive and well in difficult to read any news about or see some recent image.

Today, the goblin shark is on the news again as it was found the second specimen in the Gulf of Mexico since 2000, off Key West.

Here is the latest Goblin Shark Photography, source: CNN

Off Kye West,Goblin Shark Photography,Gulf of Mexico

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Miami Product Photography – Luxury Cars – Red Corvette – Yellow Lamborghini

Miami Product Photography, Luxury Car Photography, Corvette Photograhy, Lamborghini Photography, Red Corvette, Yellow Lamborghini, Cesar Quijada Photography

This is another Miami Product Photography by Cesar Quijada Photography
This shooting was very exciting, we took two really nice cars (Prestige Luxury Car Rentals Courtesy) and drove them through Miami most important Highways.
First turn was for Yellow Lamboghini Murcielago, I was as a copilot in the Corvette shooting in high speed by the I95 and I195, pictures came out really nice.

Then, We swap positions and I shoot from the Lambo to the Red Corvette by the 395 and A1A.
Miami Product Photography, Luxury Car Photography, Corvette Photograhy, Lamborghini Photography, Red Corvette, Yellow Lamborghini, Cesar Quijada Photography
Thank you Prestige Luxury Car Rentals to give me the opportunity to do another Product Photography.

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Forensic Photography, Forensic Photography History

The forensic photography is used as an evidence for the jury, as well as an aid for the forensics, due the fact there is evidence which was not considered in first place.

This kind of photography allows to detectives, policemen and military corpse in general to analyze crime scene once the homicide or suicide occurred, at what time it was reported, the place which took place, who was the victim (or victims) and the time when it supposedly happened, as well as access to the people who were staring outside the crime scene.

Forensic photography can be introduce as a proof which either leads to a question for the lawyer, as well as be taken as a proof for the jury to either make the responsible confess the murder or clarify the real situation which happened inside the crime scene.

Types of forensic photography

The type of camera which is used to crime scenes differs not only by design, also about what kind of effects should be proceeded once the pictures were taken, for instance, a standard camera has rolls by which have different techniques to be revealed, instead of a digital camera which do not need rolls for take the picture, even though has different techniques to processed information once the person in charge of the investigation wants to zoom the picture, here, some features about both cameras:

Standard camera: it is called a film camera as well because the film is the light sensitive by which the picture is taken. This light which passes the lens and redirected it in a form of a picture, by which has even more capture quality depending on the type of Len it is used to take it. There are many components of this camera, the most important are:

*Focusing mechanism: allows the photographer to make a close up of any particular part or place of the crime scene, as well as someone in particular.

*Shutter: protects and graduates the lent of too much light, and allows to take the picture when the crime scene is lighter per se.

*Lens: a curve glass which uses the light to capture the image.

*Viewfinder: allows to see the picture inside the camera in order to focus the picture.

*Aperture: is the hole that opens for light to travel

Digital camera: is the most advanced camera so far, it has an easy design to carry when you need to take a picture right away, the pictures are transferred immediately to PC and there is a LCD screen which allows the photographer to stored and view pictures inside the camera, correcting if there is mistakes and moving on.

Aids and flaws of forensic photography cameras

Most of the advantages of these cameras are related with the techniques used to reveal pictures, zoom in and zoom out, analyze crime scenes and detecting imperceptible evidence.

As a disadvantage, these cameras have difficulties based on the techniques how the information is processed: for standard cameras, rolls and other equipment needed is very expensive.
For digital cameras there is no exception: even though they are very fast and easy to process pictures, it does not have any hackers protection, which makes it very risky for the person who own them.

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Miami Wedding Photography – Stefania and Andres

Miami Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography Miami, Miami Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photographer Miami, Photography, Photographer, Miami, Wedding, Cesar Quijada Photography, Cesar Quijada

This is another Miami Wedding Photography by Cesar Quijada Photography, Stefanía and Andrés.

This particular wedding was one of my first photographic wedding works in the beautiful city of Miami, recommended by friends in common I come to them to be their wedding photographer on their special day.

Stefanía and Andrés thank you very much for letting me be part of your big day.