Im Cesar Quijada, an American and Venezuelan citizen, Photographer, Mechanical Engineer with a lot of experience, Programmer, and adventure enthusiastic.

Despite my technical instruction as an Engineer I have been working as a Professional Photographer since 2008, covering weddings, events and doing product photography, fashion, and documentary photography. (with more than 7 exhibitions around the world).

I had a Studio and I did many jobs retouching and printing for other important photographers (exhibition final retouch) and for my own exhibitions of course.

I’m a programmer as well, I have been programming since 1993 and I have developed many complete Intra and Extranet platforms for Important Companies, I have a long International Experience on Software development, SEO, Digital Marketing and Website development (Wordpress).

I can work on English and Spanish projects as same, I’m very qualified, organized, responsible and faster worker.

Cesar Quijada PhotographyCesar Quijada Photography
Caracas Panoramica (Vista Alegre)
Panoramic Picture of Caracas City, taken from Vista Alegre
Araguaney en Flor
Venezuelan National Tree, blooming season
Venezuelan National Flower, around 1500 species of Orchids could be found in Venezuela, the country with more diferent species of this flowers in the word
Roraima Tepui
House of word is the mean of the word Tepui in the original language Roraima is one on the older places of the world, located in the Gran Sabana National Park in Venezuela. It was the inspiration of the drawers in the movie UP in the air.
Parque Nacional Canaima
Canaima National Park in one of the more beautiful places in the world, located in Venezuela, Bolivar State
Salto el Angel
The Angel Falls or Kerepakupai Vená is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall with 979 m or (3,212 ft) height. Also inspiration of the waterfalls in the movie Avatar, Located in Canaima National Park, Venezuela
Espeletia or Frailejon is a specie of plant that habit in the "paramos" or plateau of Venezuela Colombia and Ecuador, was formally described by Alexander Von Humbolt in 1801
Amanecer en Boca de Uchire
Sunrise at the Boca de Uchire Beach Picture taken in slide
Los Diablos Danzantes de Yare