Animal Flowers Cave

To the north of the island of Barbados is a cave very special.

Upon arrival the first thing you get to see is an amazing ocean view, view expands through rock cliffs east to west, the top of these cliffs is the “stay” of the guards, a small villa buy some snacks, and to shelter from the harsh sun.

Around, and massive cliff edge there is a chain of banks that invite you to enjoy the atmosphere and forget all pain difficult it may seem.

After paying a small fee of $ 10 dollars, assigned a guide and you are ready for the descent. About 20 steps down high carved coral direct you to the heart of the rock mass where the cave.

At first there was no feeling of a special cave, some small puddles caused by water pouring from the ceiling and simple rock walls.

Then you are invited to delve a little deeper and get to the edge of the cave, far from what I thought is still at a considerable height and not by the sea as I supposed.

This “window” is huge, and lets you enjoy from the privacy of the rocks to the infinite blue ocean, the strong waves crashing a few feet below strongly resonate the place and possibly dampen your thoughts and your clothes. There the guide tells us why the name “Animal Flowers”, is that the name comes from the impression that I leave a small plant that lives in the pools of the cave, it is a species that is very similar to a flower, but when touched, it disappears for a tube that seems to be part of your trunk and takes shelter inside an animal appears to be so rapid movement. Today there are very few of them.

From there we went to another camera, from the entrance you can see the turquoise still water resting in the bowels of the cave, it is a natural pool of more than 7 feet deep at its deepest, the temperature? Incredible sight? Indescribable, the company? Excellent all it takes? Perhaps that guide disappears, lol

Well, a pleasant bathroom a few minutes and we had to return to the surface and reality.

100% recommended for those visitors who would like to enjoy nature, and do not fear the unknown water bath.

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