Are engagement Photos a good idea?

Are engagement Photos a good idea?

Ariana & Brett - Cesar Quijada Photography - 25If you make a quick search of “Engagement Pictures” on Google you’ll soon find threads and threads of people wondering if they’re necessary or not. To be honest, I don’t think it is the right question. People should be wondering, in my opinion, if they’re a good idea for them or not. Every couple is unique therefore every wedding is unique. What works for one couple does not necessarily work for another. Today I present a series of reasons why I think engagement photos are a good idea so you can decide for yourself.

But first, a quick definition:

“Engagement photos” is the name given to a series of photos (usually professional) a couple takes of themselves before their wedding. In theory, they’re done right after the couple gets engaged. How formal or casual these pictures are completely depends on the couple. Most of the times, the pictures are taken by the photographer hired to do the wedding pictures.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll explain why I think having your engagement pictures taken is a good idea:

They are a way of announcing your engagement

Some people send them to the local newspaper, others use them on their “save the date” or even their wedding invitations. Even if a wedding invitation with pictures is not your cup of tea, you can certainly use them to update your profiles on social networks. They will certainly look better than your average Facebook photo.

Yesenia & Michael - Cesar Quijada Photography - 27A chance to get acquainted with the photographer

“Engagement Photos” are a great way to get to know your photographer and, also very important, for him or her to get to know you! A professional photographer will take the time to talk to you and your partner. He’ll study your angles and find the best possible way to make you feel comfortable. You’ll feel more relaxed on the day of your wedding if you’ve already had a positive experience with the photographer.

Test Run

Aside from getting to know your photographer, some brides see this photo shoot as an opportunity to test run their hair and make up. It is not the same thing to see yourself on the mirror than on a photograph.

It is fun!

Yesenia & Michael - Cesar Quijada Photography - 31A photo shoot is a fun and different activity that you and your partner can engage in. It is a chance for you and your loved one to take an afternoon off and celebrate yourselves.


People who say that “Engagement Photos” are a waste of time, are thinking of the “now” and not on the long run. Wedding photos are nice, but we don’t necessarily walk around in suits and long dresses everyday now do we? Engagement photos tend to capture a more “natural” side of the couple.

These are probably the best moments in a person’s life, wouldn’t you want to capture them in the best way possible?

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