Im Cesar Quijada, an American and Venezuelan citizen, Photographer, Mechanical Engineer with a lot of experience, Programmer, and adventure enthusiastic.

Despite my technical instruction as an Engineer I have been working as a Professional Photographer since 2008, covering weddings, events and doing product photography, fashion, and documentary photography. (with more than 7 exhibitions around the world).

I had a Studio and I did many jobs retouching and printing for other important photographers (exhibition final retouch) and for my own exhibitions of course.

I’m a programmer as well, I have been programming since 1993 and I have developed many complete Intra and Extranet platforms for Important Companies, I have a long International Experience on Software development, SEO, Digital Marketing and Website development (Wordpress).

I can work on English and Spanish projects as same, I’m very qualified, organized, responsible and faster worker.

Cesar Quijada PhotographyCesar Quijada Photography
Cesar Quijada - Amposta 2008 - 5

Amposta 2008 – Fencing

Amposta Spain in 2008, was this training camp with the best fencers in the world with the intention of preparing for the Olympic Games in Beijing, I appreciate the invitation

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Pincher - Pet Photography Miami - Cesar Quijada

Nano – Pincher Gallant

The Nano Garanton Galan, was presented with a suitcase full of changes, (pajamas, casual wear of his favorite team, dress clothing, etc.). And very professionally grounds again for the cameras

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Paris 2011 - Torre Eiffel - Cesar Quijada

Paris 2011

the moon - Cesar Quijada 2

The Moon

Photograph taken on a night boat, In my cousin Birthday, with the whole family.

Los Amantes de la Tierra - Cesar Quijada 1

Land Lovers, Cesar Quijada – Paris 2010

Gracias a todos por el Apoyo fue una experiencia Magnifica! A mi Familia A todos los integrantes de la Embajada A todos los amigos asistentes Y al Publico Se les

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Diablos de Yare - Cesar Quijada11

Dancing Devils of Yare 2010

The celebration of Corpus Christi is a well known festival in Venezuela, through the magic-religious ritual of dancing devils San Francisco de Yare, in Miranda State – Venezuela


Roraima & Kukenan 2010

Roraima & Kukenan. “La Gran Sabana”

Alma Imortal Poesia Secreta - Cesar Quijada

“Immortal Soul” Secret Poetry

Alma Inmortal Poesía Secreta Estimados Amigos y Familiares Aquí les presento el Afiche e invitación para esta nueva exposición en Paris Mi Primera Colectiva con 3 Grandes Artistas, Yajaira Salazar,

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FESTHEVE2011 Cesar Quijada


Amigos Los invito a este Festival Cultural que se realizara en Paris del 15 al 25 de Octubre, en el cual se harán lecturas de Arte Dramatúrgica, Conferencias, Debates, Conciertos,

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Cesar Quijada Cascada de Nubes Caracas Panoramic

Cloud Falls

One of the most evocative views that may be, is that which is from the top of the mountain area in which it is located. Particularly in the morning, at

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Llovizna National Park

La Llovizna National Park

Among the many attractions of Venezuela, there is a particularly beautiful. Located in Puerto Ordaz, the national park the drizzle, offers a show where an impressive manner the waters enter

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Roraima & Kukenan 2010

Roraima & Kukenan

Caracas Panoramic - Cesar Quijada Photography

Caracas Panoramic, View from “La Alameda”

Caracas Panoramic

Cesar Quijada Angel Falls Panoramic

Angel Falls

Angel Falls