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Are engagement Photos a good idea?

Are engagement Photos a good idea?

Ariana & Brett - Cesar Quijada Photography - 25If you make a quick search of “Engagement Pictures” on Google you’ll soon find threads and threads of people wondering if they’re necessary or not. To be honest, I don’t think it is the right question. People should be wondering, in my opinion, if they’re a good idea for them or not. Every couple is unique therefore every wedding is unique. What works for one couple does not necessarily work for another. Today I present a series of reasons why I think engagement photos are a good idea so you can decide for yourself.

But first, a quick definition:

“Engagement photos” is the name given to a series of photos (usually professional) a couple takes of themselves before their wedding. In theory, they’re done right after the couple gets engaged. How formal or casual these pictures are completely depends on the couple. Most of the times, the pictures are taken by the photographer hired to do the wedding pictures.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll explain why I think having your engagement pictures taken is a good idea:

They are a way of announcing your engagement

Some people send them to the local newspaper, others use them on their “save the date” or even their wedding invitations. Even if a wedding invitation with pictures is not your cup of tea, you can certainly use them to update your profiles on social networks. They will certainly look better than your average Facebook photo.

Yesenia & Michael - Cesar Quijada Photography - 27A chance to get acquainted with the photographer

“Engagement Photos” are a great way to get to know your photographer and, also very important, for him or her to get to know you! A professional photographer will take the time to talk to you and your partner. He’ll study your angles and find the best possible way to make you feel comfortable. You’ll feel more relaxed on the day of your wedding if you’ve already had a positive experience with the photographer.

Test Run

Aside from getting to know your photographer, some brides see this photo shoot as an opportunity to test run their hair and make up. It is not the same thing to see yourself on the mirror than on a photograph.

It is fun!

Yesenia & Michael - Cesar Quijada Photography - 31A photo shoot is a fun and different activity that you and your partner can engage in. It is a chance for you and your loved one to take an afternoon off and celebrate yourselves.


People who say that “Engagement Photos” are a waste of time, are thinking of the “now” and not on the long run. Wedding photos are nice, but we don’t necessarily walk around in suits and long dresses everyday now do we? Engagement photos tend to capture a more “natural” side of the couple.

These are probably the best moments in a person’s life, wouldn’t you want to capture them in the best way possible?

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Ancient Wedding Traditions from around the World

Ancient Wedding Traditions from around the World

3f09da08419c3225169a834b9f785c5a_1M.pngAs empires throughout history have risen and fallen so have our spiritual beliefs, our clothing, transportation methods and languages, but there are certain elements that remain the same in the evolution of civilization. Marriage is one of them.

In one form or another, weddings have existed in every major society throughout history. Some of these traditions may seem crazy to our contemporary standards. For example, did you know that Spartan brides had to dress up as men the evening before their wedding? Bellow you’ll find a list of some of the most curious ancient wedding traditions from around the world.


The charivari (also known as chivaree or shivaree) is an old tradition that started in the middle ages. It goes as follows, friends of the bride and groom would go to the couple’s house on the first night as a married and make a fuss. Eventually, it would get so loud that the couple had no option, but to receive the unannounced visit and give them something to drink. This tradition is still practiced in France.

Ancient Rome

There was an actual law in ancient Rome that required 10 people to dress like the bride and groom on the wedding day. This was believed to confuse any evil spirit who might have wanted to curse the couple. A theory suggests that this started the tradition of having bridesmaids and groomsmen dress in the same way.


Brides in Sparta were required to shave their heads and dress as men before their future husbands kidnapped them.


Back in the 17th century, Scottish grooms gave their brides a brooch called the Luckenbooth as a sign of their love. The pin represented a crowned heart or two intertwined hearts made out of silver. It was also given to new mothers and babies to protect them from the evil eye. The brooch is still popular today.


Irish men used to give their future wives a bracelet woven out of human hair. The bracelet was a symbol of their everlasting connection.


In some parts of this Asian country, people did not wear wedding rings on their fingers; instead they wore them on their toes. The rings were inserted on the second toe of each foot. Some men also wore them on their big toes.

Ancient WeddingAncient Greece

Ancient Greeks had a three-day long wedding celebration. The first day was called Proaulia and it was when women spent their last day with their female relatives preparing for the wedding. The second day was called Gamos, which was the actual marriage ritual. It started with the sacrifice of an animal to the gods. And then the last day was called Epaulia, a celebration similar to current bridal showers.

Yunnan Province, China

For the Lahu people, the society of this Chinese province, was common place to be bald. In fact, the only people who were allowed to have hair were single girls. After the wedding was celebrated, the women’s heads were completely shaved leaving only one lock of hair behind. The lock was referred to as hunmao or “hair of the soul”. Nowadays this ritual is rarely practiced.

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Why do dogs look like their owners?

Why do dogs look like their owners?

It is somewhat of a myth in popular culture and a constant punch line in movies and cartoons, but recent studies have shown that dogs and owners that look alike are not a myth (it might still be a joke), and the reason why may surprise you.

Pet PhotographySeveral researches in various countries have tried to debunk and/or confirm this theory and their results have been surprising. Recently in Japan, a study was conducted where test subjects were shown several pictures of human and dogs’ faces. The backgrounds and bodies were removed from the photos. Then they were asked to pair the dog to their respective owners. More often than not, the volunteers guessed correctly. Then the same researchers went as far as to cover the entire faces of both owners and dogs, leaving only the eyes exposed. People still managed to successfully pair them up 75% of the time.

Another study conducted in the 90’s asked several women to choose the breed of dog they preferred. They were shown four pictures of four different breeds of dogs and asked which one they preferred. Most women with long hair that covered their ears chose dogs with lop ears (long) and women who had short hair tended to choose dogs with pricked ears (short).

Scientists have found explanation to these outcomes in a psychological phenomenon called the mere-exposure effect. The mere-exposure effect is a psychological effect in which people tend to, unconsciously, choose elements that they’re familiar with. If our brain is acquainted with it, and we’re still alive, then it means that it is safe and therefore will grant our survival. If we think about it, dogs aren’t (most of the time) randomly assigned to people. They’re chosen by their future keepers. The concept also explains why we like to watch the same movies and listen to the same songs over and over again. The mere-exposure effect is not to be confused with nostalgia, that’s a different thing. Other humans are also affected by this kind of circumstance. Studies have proven that we tend to choose as friends and potential romantic partners people who share similar genes to ours.

BRITAIN/There might also be other reasons to why dogs look like their owners. It has also been proven that dogs tend to imitate their owners’ facial expressions. For them it is a matter of life and death. They depend on our caring for them to have shelter and food. Being empathetic to their owners’ feelings, secures the dogs’ survival. Dogs are also affected by their owners’ lifestyles, which often leads to more similarities. Overweight humans more often than not own overweight dogs in the same way that a smoker might give their pet health issues like coughing, asthma and even lung cancer.

So next time you go hiking and spot a person and their dog that should belong in a look-a-like contest, you’ll know that it is not your brain playing tricks on you – They actually look like each other!

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Tips for your next audition

Tips for your next audition,dream of modeling,Auditions are an opportunity,showcase,Be Natural,professional pictures taken,headshots,Arrival time,modeling portfolio

Tips for your next audition,dream of modeling,Auditions are an opportunity,showcase,Be Natural,professional pictures taken,headshots,Arrival time,modeling portfolioTips for your next audition

Have you ever dream of modeling or acting in a TV show? Nobody has the recipe to success, otherwise they would be selling it (and they’d be rich – rich, I tell you! Filthy rich), but with some research and experience people can gather a couple of tips that might be helpful for that next big audition.

An opportunity to showcase your talent

Auditions are an opportunity to showcase your talent, you may not land the role, but you left an impression on the casting director and she might consider you for a future project. Seeing auditions in this light might help you take the pressure off your shoulders.

Be Natural

When it comes to modeling and a fashion related job, casting agents (unless specified) want to see your natural hair. This means no extreme dyes or straightening. Heavy make up, high heels and loud jewelry are also discouraged. They want to see YOU, not a dolled up version of yourself. Stylists are like painters, the only way for them to know what they can work with is by studying a white canvass, not an already finished painting.

Tips for your next audition,dream of modeling,Auditions are an opportunity,showcase,Be Natural,professional pictures taken,headshots,Arrival time,modeling portfolioHave your professional pictures taken

Professional means professional. If you are serious about your career then you should also be serious about your pictures. A modeling portfolio should include somewhere between 10 and 24 photos. Actors should have two headshots (smiling and brooding). Your professional picture is not a job you’d leave to an amateur. In an industry with so much competition an out of focus or blurry image can be the difference between landing a job or continuing a tables-weighting gig.

Don’t be a suck up

Getting an audition can be hard, let alone landing a role, so when the opportunity rises sometimes we can be overwhelmed with gratitude. It is okay to be grateful, in fact, it is more than okay it can also be healthy, but some people cross the line. When you say ‘Thank you’ one too many times you run the risk of sounding desperate and nobody wants to work with someone desperate. Because if you’re desperate then it probably means that you haven’t worked in a while and there must be a reason for that. To sum it up: be polite, but don’t overdo it.

Arrival time

Be 10 minutes early. Don’t be 1 hour early (again, you’ll look desperate.) Never, ever be late.

Tips for your next audition,dream of modeling,Auditions are an opportunity,showcase,Be Natural,professional pictures taken,headshots,Arrival time,modeling portfolioJust be yourself

This one may be a no-brainer, but it is the one people get wrong most of the time. Don’t walk like some other model, don’t act like some other actor – Be you! Because when you’re trying to be something you’re not, most people can tell. And even if you manage to fool them and get the job, you’ll soon disappoint your new employer because you’re not what they paid for.

For more information on audition tips for actors, you can check out this link, and for modeling auditions go here.

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What are your wedding flowers saying?

wedding flowers,miami wedding flowers,Miami Wedding Photography,Miami Wedding Flowers,Wedding Flowers,Wedding Flowers Photography,Amaryllis,Floriography,Anemone,Camellia,Chrysanthemum,Gardenia,Hyacinth,Hydrangeas,Iris,Lilac,Lily,Orchid,Roses,Tulips

wedding flowers,miami wedding flowers,Miami Wedding Photography,Miami Wedding Flowers,Wedding Flowers,Wedding Flowers Photography,Amaryllis,Floriography,Anemone,Camellia,Chrysanthemum,Gardenia,Hyacinth,Hydrangeas,Iris,Lilac,Lily,Orchid,Roses,TulipsWhat are your wedding flowers saying?

Nowadays flowers have a strictly decorative function in our lives, so it is hard to conceive that they were once used to communicate. You may find purple roses beautiful for your bouquet, but may want to reconsider after finding out what they mean.

Floriography, the language of flowers, is a very real thing that has been around for a while. Plants and particularly flowers have always played a symbolic role in our society. In ancient civilizations they were the source of magic and medicine, often inspiring poets to write stories around them. During the 19th century the flower language was in vogue. It started in England and quickly spread to other parts of Europe, North and South America. Flower dictionaries were printed, which were used by people to send a message in a flower arrangement. In turn, the receiver would then later use his or her own dictionary to decipher the message. People could have entire conversations using this method.

Some flower meanings have been lost in time, but others have survived to this day. Here is a list of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings.

Note: It is worth mentioning that Floriography is not an exact science (or art), which means that flower meanings can vary or change completely depending on the source. Bellow you’ll find some of the most common.  

Amaryllis: Pride.

Anemone: Anticipation. According to Greek mythology, anemones sprung out of Aphrodite’s tears as she cried for the death of Adonis.

Camellia: Coco Chanel’s favorite flower symbolizes unpretentious perfection. It was also immortalized in Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Lady of the Camellias.

Chrysanthemum: This Asian flower is often compared to the sun and the stars, the Japanese considered its petals to be perfect. Confucius also praised them as a source of meditation.

Gardenia: Secret love and sweetness.

Hyacinth: Constancy

Hydrangeas: Not Madonna’s favorites, hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt gratitude from the giver to the receiver for being understood.

Iris: Wisdom and eloquence.   

Lilac (White): Youthful innocence.

Lily: Lilies, specially the white ones, are flowers strongly linked to the concept of motherhood, fertility, and the Virgin Mary.  

Orchid: Depending on its incarnation, orchids could mean mature charm, refined beauty and luxury.

wedding flowers,miami wedding flowers,Miami Wedding Photography,Miami Wedding Flowers,Wedding Flowers,Wedding Flowers Photography,Amaryllis,Floriography,Anemone,Camellia,Chrysanthemum,Gardenia,Hyacinth,Hydrangeas,Iris,Lilac,Lily,Orchid,Roses,TulipsRoses: In popular culture roses are the flowers of romance by excellence, but not all roses represent love. Some of them represent quite the contrary.

  • White Rose: Virtue and chastity
  • Pink Rose: Love, but not as intense as the red rose.
  • Red Rose: Passionate, romantic love and also the blood of Christ. Its fives petals have been associated with the five wounds Christ suffered while being crucified.
  • Yellow Rose: Friendship and devotion.
  • Purple Maroon Rose: Death and dark magic.

Tulips: There is no other flower that says ‘I love you’ quite like the tulip. Each color of tulip represents a different kind of love.

  • Red: eternal love
  • White: one-sided love
  • Yellow: hopeless love

For more flower meanings you can check out this link.

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Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving

Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving

Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving

Halloween may be out of the way, but for some people the really scary holiday is still coming up. Thanksgiving day may be a day to be grateful, but it is also a day of many headaches. With so many people to attend to, dishes to cook and sales to buy at, things can get overwhelming pretty fast – to say the least. With all of this in mind, some savvy computer people have come up with tools to help you cope with the hectic date and, guess what, they all fit on the palm of your hand.

Here are some free apps that will help you cope with Thanksgiving Day:

CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

This app has everything you need in order to prepare your first Thanksgiving dinner. All you have to do is choose the recipes you want to make and the app will guide you step by step, until your turkey is resting on the table. This one is highly recommended for beginners.

Operating System: IOS

Food52 Hotline

Have you ever found your recipe’s instructions confusing and haven’t had anyone to turn to? Apps are amazing, but there are some things you just need a real person to help you with. Food52 was created with those cooking emergencies in mind. Just upload a question and wait for one of the users to answer it. You can even upload images with your enquiry. ‘Is this how it is supposed to look?’

Operating system: IOS


Many people need to drive many miles in order to meet with their families on Thanksgivings day. In order to make your journey more pleasant, RoadNinja will help you out by indicating what’s ahead. Browse what’s coming up on your next exit. Compare gas prices and learn about special deals and discounts!

Operating system: Android, IOS


Blush will help you find the perfect wine taking into consideration your location, your tastes and your budget. Thanks to its food pairing abilities, you’ll look like a wine expert to your friends and family.

Operating System: IOS


If you’ve ever had trouble with keeping up with who’s coming and who’s not, this is the app for you. Simple and quick, you’ll be able to create events and invite family and friends from your contact list in no time.

Operating System: IOS

Dessert Recipes

 Over 300 dessert recipes organized by categories. The instructions are easy to follow and some of them even have video! Dessert Recipes will help you design the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Operating System: Android


Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving Admit it, did you screw up the turkey? Did you forget to stick it in the oven? It is always important to have a plan B. If cooking apps prove to be too much, OpenTable will help you make a last-minute reservation at a nice restaurant.

Operating System: Android, IOS, Windows Phone

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker

If you happen to be alone on Thanksgivings day, (maybe you had to work, study, your flight got canceled or just simply live in an area where people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving) Thanksgiving Dinner Maker will let you design the dinner of your dreams on the screen of your smartphone. It even lets you pick out the china!

Operating System: IOS


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Cesar Quijada Photography, miami wedding photographer, miami wedding photography, wedding photographer miami, wedding photography miami, miami gay wedding


Miami Wedding Photography, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Wedding Photographer Miami, Miami Wedding Photographer, Cesar Quijada PhotographyEditing

Professional photographers spend a considerable amount of money on editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. While many people may have these programs installed on their computer, few know how to use them well. A photographer with editing skills will make sure your pictures look the best they can.


Professionals have experience. In some cases, many years of it! That’s why they’re professionals. It’s not just about the fancy equipment. Experience means they know how to move around without annoying your guests.

No awkward moments with friends

I have a friend who was going through a hard financial time and when her friends announced their wedding, since she could not afford a nice gift, she offered her services as a photographer. On paper it sounded like a great idea. They would save some money and she’d have new pictures for her portfolio, but things didn’t go as smoothly. On the wedding day the couple kept ordering my friend around as an employee and she didn’t get to enjoy the party. She barely had a drink. After the wedding, the couple had no trouble in telling her that they didn’t like the pictures and asked her to retouch them all, TWICE. Needless to say, it bothered her. They don’t talk to each other anymore. It’s not worth losing a friendship just to save some money. Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

Diamonds and Wedding pictures are forever

What if my friend had taken really bad photos? The couple would’ve had to remember the happiest day of their life by looking at those. Or worse. What if the memory card had gotten lost and they had ended with no pictures at all? A professional photographer will make sure you get your pictures and at the best possible quality.


Yes, your cousin Jenny, the one who studies graphic design, probably has an amazing camera and can take pretty shots with it, but what if her camera fails in the middle of the evening? Does she have a backup plan? Professional photographers often have a second camera (and sometimes even a third!) in case of emergencies. They also have backup lenses, memory cards, batteries and other cool gadgets. Why do you think they always travel with such big bags?

Everyone can be in the picture

If cousin Jenny is taking the photos (how nice of her) she won’t be able to be in the frame. We all have that one family member. The one who always feels more comfortable behind the lens and then when people ask ‘Where is she?’ we find ourselves repeating ‘Oh, she was taking the picture.’ That might fly at your weekend BBQ, but at a more formal event you’d want everyone to be in the photo – at the same time.

Printing Services

Most professional photographers offer printing services. This means one less thing you need to worry about. Printers can be a hassle, especially if you’re not used to dealing with them. Photographers have to print pictures regularly so they know the places to go to and the formats to use.

Cesar Quijada Photography, Elizabeth and Mike, Flamingo Gardens, miami, miami wedding photographer, miami wedding photography, wedding photographer miami, wedding photography, wedding photography miamiMore time to relax and enjoy your wedding

Professional photographers know what to do and where to be at the precise moment. You won’t need to remind them to take that picture of you and your cousins (again, Jenny can be in it) or that close-up of the bouquet. With one less worry on your mind, you’ll have more time to enjoy your special day.


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What to wear? It probably has been asked more times than “Why do we exist?” and “What is the purpose of life?” Some dread it more than the dentist, and yet, we face it everyday. But maybe, just maybe, the question we should be asking is: What color should I wear?

It is a scientific proven fact that colors affect the way we feel. There is a whole branch of psychology dedicated to its study. If you’ve never stopped to wonder what the colors you’re wearing are saying, you might be surprised. Here is a quick guide:


If you don’t know what color to wear, then choose blue. It is the king among colors. Did you know that most people choose blue as their favorite color more than any other? Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. The go-to color when it comes to job interviews.


People dressed in green exude an air of freshness and wealth, especially in the United States where the color green is strongly linked to money. Green is also considered to be healing and relaxing – the reason why it is found in the palette of so many hospitals, clinics and spa centers.


If you’re feeling down (Monday morning, anyone?) then this is the color that can give you that extra boost of energy. People relate yellow to the sun, light and happiness. On the down side, depending on the shade, yellow can be really tough on the eyes. It is advised to stay way from it if you are going to deal with a conservative client or attending a serious event.


If you want to be the center of attention, this little guy will take care of the job. Red is closely related to passion – that intense feeling that makes you want to kiss one person and punch another. Red may be not well suited for a work environment since it might read as confrontational in our primitive brain, but if you’re looking for a date, then don’t think any further as all eyes will be on you.


In earlier times, because purple was such an expensive color to produce, (it is harder to find in nature than the other colors) it was exclusively worn by the nobility and the clergy. Nowadays anyone can wear purple, but the symbolism remains in our collective consciousness regarding the people who wear purple as sophisticated, mystical and mysterious.


It represents purity, cleanness and simplicity. In western cultures, women dress in white on their wedding dress for these reasons, but in some Asian countries, traditionally, white was the color of winter and death. Therefore brides dress in red (in India, pink is also a popular color). Thanks to globalization, though, in recent years some Asian brides have started to dress in white.


Grey is neutral, therefore safe. Also, like black, it is considered to be an elegant color, but not quite as severe. On the downside, if you wear too much in grey, some people might think that you lack in the personality department.


It is probably the most beloved color by stylists. If you Google search the most famous fashion designers from the past decades, most of them will be wearing black. That’s because black is effortlessly elegant, sliming and timeless. Do keep in mind that black, as wonderful as it might be, it is often associated (for obvious reasons) with mourning. Also not a good idea to wear it during daytime events since it absorbs more heat than any other color.

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What kind of seasonal wedding are you?

Some dream of a snow wonderland wedding, others of a ceremony by the beach, a few want to tie the knot among orange leaves, and then there are people who wish to declare their eternal love among the very first blossoms of the year. Whichever you are, there are a few things to keep in mind, and I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles here, but you’re dream wedding might just not be for you.

Cesar Quijada Photography, Elizabeth and Mike, Flamingo Gardens, miami, miami wedding photographer, miami wedding photography, wedding photographer miami, wedding photography, wedding photography miamiSpring

Pros: It might just be the perfect time to get married. Not too cold, not too hot. The flowers are starting to bloom and there is a feeling of hope and renewal in the air. Ancient pagans believed that spring was the time of fertility and of the earth goddess so, metaphorically speaking, it would make sense to get married during this season.

Cons: The weather is inconsistent. Sure, it might be getting warmer, but it might also start raining cats and dogs before you know it. It is also, thanks to all the pollen in the air, commonly known as the allergy season!

Jessica & Charly - Cesar Quijada Photography - 21Summer

Pros: Most people are on holiday during this time of the year, which would make it possible for them to attend your wedding, but keep in mind that some folks plan their vacations with a lot of time in advance. Which could mean a calendar headache. If you want summer wedding try to plan at least one year ahead and make sure that your close family and friends save the date.

Cons: People associate summer with good weather, but depending on where you are it might just be a tad too hot – and humid – and then the mosquitoes! Think of Miami in the middle of August. That beach wedding you’ve been dreaming of might not be so memorable if your guests can’t keep from sweating. Summer is also peak wedding season, which make cause prices of venues and other wedding essentials to rise.

Fall-Wedding-via-TheWeddingTheater1Fall / AUTUMN

Pros: Sandra Bullock once said during an interview that New York looked its best during the fall. It is many people’s favorite season and the reasons are many. The natural light is beautiful, it’s chilly enough to wear that nice jacket, and then the leaves. THE LEAVES of course! Who doesn’t love a street covered in orange leaves?

Cons: Rain!


Pros: This might sound shallow, but cold weather does wonders to your hair and skin, which translates to really great pictures! Winter can also be a very beautiful time creating a wonderful backdrop to your wedding.

Cons: Simply put – cold. Depending on where you live winter might be more or less friendly. There’s no comparison between Chicago winter and Miami winter, but the general rule is that it is cold and it might turn some people off. If you live in a place with heavy snow it might rule the possibility of marrying in a remote location or in an open space out. It might also be a problem with guests who are flying in since storms are common during that time of the year and might cause flights to be delayed or cancelled.


Pictures Sources:

A season for every wedding, part I

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Miami Pet Photography, Dog Portrait, Chocolate Labrador, AKER

Miami Pet Photography, Dog Portrait, Chocolate Labrador, AKERAre you a pet owner? If you are then, like me, you’ve earned your fair share of eye rolls because you’ve cancelled a plan to walk your dog, buy a new outfit for your cat or install that new Jacuzzi on your turtle’s tank. Some people don’t understand this kind of love. Some might think we’re exaggerating, but don’t worry, a new scientific study has found that we’re not insane. You love your dog, cat, marsupial, or whatever you own, as much as any other member of your family – and it is a fact.

Researchers at the Massachusetts general hospital ran a study to discover if people love their dogs as much as they love their children. The researchers showed a group of women pictures of their own babies and pets and compared their brain activity when they saw photos of babies and dogs they didn’t know.

“There was a common network of brain regions involved in emotion, reward, affiliation, visual processing and social cognition when mothers viewed images of both their child and dog,” reads the study. The unfamiliar photos didn’t provoke the same reaction. Source.

Now some people are raising the question: Do we love our pets too much?

Miami Pet Photograph, Dog Portrait, PincherThe study reveals the suspicion of some specialists who’ve been pointing out for a while that the role of the pet has changed in recent decades. The one who used to be a companion or a man’s “best friend” has been promoted to family member and in some cases, experts warn, even a substitute for human relationships.

“There’s a list of the most common names among policy-holders for pet insurance and the most popular dog names are Jake and Chloe and Bella”. — They’re very similar to the names in my daughter’s preschool. They’re not the kind of names you’d find in dog cartoons. Source.

The pet industry is a multimillion business in the United States and some wonder about how ethical it is to spend more money on animals than on people. Some even throw religion into the question.

But what about our little animals? Do they love us as much as we love them? A group of scientists in Vienna, Austria ran a different study. This one was about the behavior of pets when their owner was around in comparison to when they weren’t. They discovered that dogs were much willing to work for a treat as a reward when their owners were in the room compared to when they weren’t.

‘The study provides the first evidence for the similarity between the “secure base effect” found in dog/owner and child/caregiver relationships,’ Dr Horn said. Source.

Did we really need a study to figure all of this out? Who knows? But, at least now you have some cool trivia to share at your next dinner party.

Miami Pet Photography, Bird Portrait, Little Parrot