Im Cesar Quijada, an American and Venezuelan citizen, Photographer, Mechanical Engineer with a lot of experience, Programmer, and adventure enthusiastic.

Despite my technical instruction as an Engineer I have been working as a Professional Photographer since 2008, covering weddings, events and doing product photography, fashion, and documentary photography. (with more than 7 exhibitions around the world).

I had a Studio and I did many jobs retouching and printing for other important photographers (exhibition final retouch) and for my own exhibitions of course.

I’m a programmer as well, I have been programming since 1993 and I have developed many complete Intra and Extranet platforms for Important Companies, I have a long International Experience on Software development, SEO, Digital Marketing and Website development (Wordpress).

I can work on English and Spanish projects as same, I’m very qualified, organized, responsible and faster worker.

Cesar Quijada PhotographyCesar Quijada Photography

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Cesar Quijada - Barbados - 2013 - 75

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife Reserve: During our last trip to Barbados in July, we (my wife and I) have the opportunity to visit this reserve, it’s a 4-acre area located on the

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Cesar Quijada - Barbados - 2013 - 4

Barbados Beach – Night Photography

Barbados Beach – Night Photography: During our stay in Barbados on past July, I had the opportunity to take a couple of pictures of the beach at night, nothing more

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Cesar Quijada - Barbados - 2013 - 33

Animal Flowers Cave

To the north of the island of Barbados is a cave very special. Upon arrival the first thing you get to see is an amazing ocean view, view expands through

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Cesar Quijada - Macro Photography - Nature - 3

Macro Photography – Nature – Film

All these photographs were taken like photography exercise, mostly with 35mm film, in the photo gallery you can see macro taken leaves of various plants, flowers like daisies, orchids, tulips

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the moon - Cesar Quijada 2

The Moon

Photograph taken on a night boat, In my cousin Birthday, with the whole family.

Macro Photography, Nature Macro Photography, Macro Insects Photography, Miami, Grasshopper, Cesar Quijada Photography, nature, insects

Macro Photography – Grasshopper

The lens faces the clean light in the morning. The garden is revealed as a vast and rich inhospitable territory. In this small universe of meticulous greenery proliferate unholy species

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Cesar Quijada - The Elements - Air

Canaima Sky

Canaima Heaven has a fragment of colors in each line of clouds. It looks like the reflection of the waters of Lake Maracaibo, the Atlantic waters between wisps of clouds

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Playing with Fire

El fuego es uno de los elementos más preciados. Es un estado volátil de la materia. Helios era la personificación  del sol para los griegos; para nosotros representa la vida

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Cesar Quijada Spider - Arana

A Strange Spider

Un paseo por el jardín en la mañana nos puede llevar a encontrarnos sorpresas maravillosas. Entre las gotas del alba clara, con el cielo azulándose apenas, el contorno de la

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