Im Cesar Quijada, an American and Venezuelan citizen, Photographer, Mechanical Engineer with a lot of experience, Programmer, and adventure enthusiastic.

Despite my technical instruction as an Engineer I have been working as a Professional Photographer since 2008, covering weddings, events and doing product photography, fashion, and documentary photography. (with more than 7 exhibitions around the world).

I had a Studio and I did many jobs retouching and printing for other important photographers (exhibition final retouch) and for my own exhibitions of course.

I’m a programmer as well, I have been programming since 1993 and I have developed many complete Intra and Extranet platforms for Important Companies, I have a long International Experience on Software development, SEO, Digital Marketing and Website development (Wordpress).

I can work on English and Spanish projects as same, I’m very qualified, organized, responsible and faster worker.

Cesar Quijada PhotographyCesar Quijada Photography

Category Archives: Panoramic Photography

Cesar Quijada - Barbados - 2013 - 148

A Ship on the Horizon – Barbados

A Ship on the Horizon – Barbados: This boat was right in front of us when we were about to take a submarine in Barbados, caught my attention as the

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Cesar Quijada - Barbados - 2013 - 173

Barbados Beach Panoramic

This is the view we had from the hotel’s restaurant Barbados Beach Panoramic.

Cesar Quijada - El Avila - Galipan - Panoramic

Avila & Galipan

El Ávila National Park

Cesar Quijada - Paris 2011 - 1

Panoramic Photography Paris 2011

These photographs were taken on a trip to Paris in September and October 2011, to celebrate my honeymoon and attend an invitation to exhibit with other artists in a performance

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Roraima & Kukenan 2010

Roraima & Kukenan. “La Gran Sabana”

Cesar Quijada Cascada de Nubes Caracas Panoramic

Cloud Falls

One of the most evocative views that may be, is that which is from the top of the mountain area in which it is located. Particularly in the morning, at

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Llovizna National Park

La Llovizna National Park

Among the many attractions of Venezuela, there is a particularly beautiful. Located in Puerto Ordaz, the national park the drizzle, offers a show where an impressive manner the waters enter

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Roraima & Kukenan 2010

Roraima & Kukenan

Caracas Panoramic - Cesar Quijada Photography

Caracas Panoramic, View from “La Alameda”

Caracas Panoramic

Cesar Quijada Angel Falls Panoramic

Angel Falls

Angel Falls




Cesar Quijada - The Elements - Air

Canaima Sky

Canaima Heaven has a fragment of colors in each line of clouds. It looks like the reflection of the waters of Lake Maracaibo, the Atlantic waters between wisps of clouds

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Cesar Quijada Panoramic - Caracas at Night

Caracas at Night Panoramic (View from “La Alameda”)

Caracas expands at night. Its boundaries seem vast points of light shining on the horizon. Concrete blocks that day seem inanimate, light dress as sentinels. Then I take my camera

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Caracas Panoramic (View from Vista Alegre)

Santiago de León de Caracas, es la capital de Venezuela. Con al ambición de conquistar un bastión en tierra firme, Francisco Fajardo, nacido en la Isla Margarita, partió en 1555

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