Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving

Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving

Halloween may be out of the way, but for some people the really scary holiday is still coming up. Thanksgiving day may be a day to be grateful, but it is also a day of many headaches. With so many people to attend to, dishes to cook and sales to buy at, things can get overwhelming pretty fast – to say the least. With all of this in mind, some savvy computer people have come up with tools to help you cope with the hectic date and, guess what, they all fit on the palm of your hand.

Here are some free apps that will help you cope with Thanksgiving Day:

CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

This app has everything you need in order to prepare your first Thanksgiving dinner. All you have to do is choose the recipes you want to make and the app will guide you step by step, until your turkey is resting on the table. This one is highly recommended for beginners.

Operating System: IOS

Food52 Hotline

Have you ever found your recipe’s instructions confusing and haven’t had anyone to turn to? Apps are amazing, but there are some things you just need a real person to help you with. Food52 was created with those cooking emergencies in mind. Just upload a question and wait for one of the users to answer it. You can even upload images with your enquiry. ‘Is this how it is supposed to look?’

Operating system: IOS


Many people need to drive many miles in order to meet with their families on Thanksgivings day. In order to make your journey more pleasant, RoadNinja will help you out by indicating what’s ahead. Browse what’s coming up on your next exit. Compare gas prices and learn about special deals and discounts!

Operating system: Android, IOS


Blush will help you find the perfect wine taking into consideration your location, your tastes and your budget. Thanks to its food pairing abilities, you’ll look like a wine expert to your friends and family.

Operating System: IOS


If you’ve ever had trouble with keeping up with who’s coming and who’s not, this is the app for you. Simple and quick, you’ll be able to create events and invite family and friends from your contact list in no time.

Operating System: IOS

Dessert Recipes

 Over 300 dessert recipes organized by categories. The instructions are easy to follow and some of them even have video! Dessert Recipes will help you design the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Operating System: Android


Free Apps that can help you organize Thanksgiving Admit it, did you screw up the turkey? Did you forget to stick it in the oven? It is always important to have a plan B. If cooking apps prove to be too much, OpenTable will help you make a last-minute reservation at a nice restaurant.

Operating System: Android, IOS, Windows Phone

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker

If you happen to be alone on Thanksgivings day, (maybe you had to work, study, your flight got canceled or just simply live in an area where people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving) Thanksgiving Dinner Maker will let you design the dinner of your dreams on the screen of your smartphone. It even lets you pick out the china!

Operating System: IOS


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