Photography History has evolved over the years, making the art of capturing  more and more competitive, and now with digital cameras with High Definition, it only makes the photography world more and more demanding.

But no matter how technology has the cameras right now, there is always this need to capture something beyond images, is like, to capture stories, like for instance, this girl, the Muslim girl in the picture with very clear blue eyes, dark skin and a red mantle, it was only the girl in the picture, but the expression she had and those big eyes told a very sad and captivating story.

Background From Photography History

 The Word photography comes from the Greek φῶς (phos) which means light and the word (graphê) for writing or drawing, so in this case it means either drawing with light or light drawing, either way, this name was suggested by Sir John Herschel in 1839, who I bet he will be amazed of knowing how technological has the cameras become.

But Photography History, has not certainty about who created it first: the Chinese and even Greeks had a pinehole camera many centuries before, also Egyptians, and even Wilhelm Homberg described a photochemical discovery he described in 1694, so, in other words, photography principles have been studied long before we think, however, it was in 1800 when Thomas Wedgwood  was the first to capture an image with a light sensitive camera.

The image taken from Thomas was very controversial, it was said that if succeeded capturing the shadows, in 1802, Scientifics discovered, because of the material used for this picture (nitrate of silver), the picture will get even more dark with the time and after all, there was not many attempt to capture the colours of the lightest parts of the image, which was enough for thomas and he decided to quit with those experiments.

Even though Thomas Wedgwood took the first picture, it was Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who up to this date, has taken the oldest picture with a pewter plate that was polished with a material called bitumen (a mixed of a very light petroleum solved in white petroleum which was applied in the surface of the plate) to create a much faster and resistant effect for the picture, this occurred in 1826/7.

After that exercise made by Joseph, many others came along, but it was not until 1847 when Sergei Lvovich Levitsky created the first popular camera, also the first person who ever made a camera retouch and the fisrt who design a system to eliminate failures.

Photography History up till now


Of course that there was a long way to go and many other inventors who discovered many other ways to capture pictures (by Technicolor, by selling cameras, and so on… I invite you to discover more about it) but something happened in the World War II: the first multilayer picture was made and published in LIFE magazine and later, there was this explosion of the corporate photography companies such as Nikon, Fujifilm, etc.

In 90, there was developing the digital cameras which have the same principles so far, only with much image quality, and in 2000 the cameras are also available in cell phones, allowing pictures anytime.

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