What kind of seasonal wedding are you?

Some dream of a snow wonderland wedding, others of a ceremony by the beach, a few want to tie the knot among orange leaves, and then there are people who wish to declare their eternal love among the very first blossoms of the year. Whichever you are, there are a few things to keep in mind, and I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles here, but you’re dream wedding might just not be for you.

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Pros: It might just be the perfect time to get married. Not too cold, not too hot. The flowers are starting to bloom and there is a feeling of hope and renewal in the air. Ancient pagans believed that spring was the time of fertility and of the earth goddess so, metaphorically speaking, it would make sense to get married during this season.

Cons: The weather is inconsistent. Sure, it might be getting warmer, but it might also start raining cats and dogs before you know it. It is also, thanks to all the pollen in the air, commonly known as the allergy season!

Jessica & Charly - Cesar Quijada Photography - 21Summer

Pros: Most people are on holiday during this time of the year, which would make it possible for them to attend your wedding, but keep in mind that some folks plan their vacations with a lot of time in advance. Which could mean a calendar headache. If you want summer wedding try to plan at least one year ahead and make sure that your close family and friends save the date.

Cons: People associate summer with good weather, but depending on where you are it might just be a tad too hot – and humid – and then the mosquitoes! Think of Miami in the middle of August. That beach wedding you’ve been dreaming of might not be so memorable if your guests can’t keep from sweating. Summer is also peak wedding season, which make cause prices of venues and other wedding essentials to rise.

Fall-Wedding-via-TheWeddingTheater1Fall / AUTUMN

Pros: Sandra Bullock once said during an interview that New York looked its best during the fall. It is many people’s favorite season and the reasons are many. The natural light is beautiful, it’s chilly enough to wear that nice jacket, and then the leaves. THE LEAVES of course! Who doesn’t love a street covered in orange leaves?

Cons: Rain!


Pros: This might sound shallow, but cold weather does wonders to your hair and skin, which translates to really great pictures! Winter can also be a very beautiful time creating a wonderful backdrop to your wedding.

Cons: Simply put – cold. Depending on where you live winter might be more or less friendly. There’s no comparison between Chicago winter and Miami winter, but the general rule is that it is cold and it might turn some people off. If you live in a place with heavy snow it might rule the possibility of marrying in a remote location or in an open space out. It might also be a problem with guests who are flying in since storms are common during that time of the year and might cause flights to be delayed or cancelled.


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