Nikon Ds4 coming soon

Nikon currently no concealed the D4S is within the development lab – they even had one in a corner of the cabinet , ” so close and yet so far ” – but to date have had little or no information and / or formal figures the brand itself , we all know that the search for the new icon can feature a new processor and ” a more advanced autofocus performance , ” however, because the rumors , we have a tendency to identify and add something.

It is completely natural that rumors began to jump now and that means that the unit is ready for launch.

First, it is seen that the value may be close to ( $ 6,000 U.S. ) , which sounds a lot but it will be worth it for that amount “supposedly” going to get :

– A new way to approach the brand that can be used for 3D tracking in nine or twenty groups

-ISO 100-25600

-Improved time-lapse recording

– white balance can be adjusted from 0.25 -0.50 Kelvin

Adjustable – pitch LCD

and video capability 1080p 60fps

According to the report of NR, we can expect a spokesman communicate next week ‘s release of the new Nikon D4S is in March or April.

(via Nikon Rumors)

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