Perez Art Museum in Miami

If you are in #Miami and want to enjoy a harmonious area surrounded by good design, art and tranquility, you should not miss the Perez Art Museum in Miami, right next to the Museum Park and the Science Museum.

And it is that this area has been very well planned and developed urbanistically, for mentioning some of the attractions and points of interest in the area we can highlight the American Airline Arena, Bayside Shopping Center, the Museum of Art and Design and of course the #PAMM to which we refer today.

It has many exhibition halls (some fixed and other itinerant), a restaurant with naturist food and a curio shop.

At the back it has an amphitheater with an incredible view of the sea and a walk wrapped in landscaping and gardens.

There is also the majestic work of the master Jesus Rafael Soto, Penetrable BBL Bleu, who will be on loan to the museum for 3 years. This work is completely penetrable, difficult to describe unless you interact with it, and is that the master was characterized by this close relationship between the viewer and the work, and the result of this is what define the propose of the work. Do miss visiting it because it will not be forever.

Here we leave the link to the main page of the museum, there you can take a look at the calendar of activities and can even register as members and get incredible discounts.

Undoubtedly, PAMM adds a special color to the art heart of Miami, an area that makes young Miami feel that it has nothing to envy to the oldest capitals in the world in spaces related to art.


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