Portraits at the beach – Key Biscayne

The past weekend some friends invited us to spend the afternoon at the beach to commemorate the birthday of Diane , specifically we were in Key Biscayne.
The breeze cooled the bodies that were not exposed to the sun , the beach in relative calm, neighbors discreet enough, but the most important , to take time to de-stress , seem ironic, but gradually with the passing of the years you go taking and taking more responsibilities without realizing that they are separating you from those moments of ” To do nothing ” just sit there and try to ” think nothing ” just enjoy good company , food , drinks, etc.
That afternoon reminded me that lately I have not done much of that, “nothing” and I should try to find more opportunities to simply watch and enjoy.
I took the camera because I thought to do some regular photos at the beach, some boat or just water or sand, at the end spontaneously some casual portraits came up, friends portraits at the beach.

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