Im Cesar Quijada, an American and Venezuelan citizen, Photographer, Mechanical Engineer with a lot of experience, Programmer, and adventure enthusiastic.

Despite my technical instruction as an Engineer I have been working as a Professional Photographer since 2008, covering weddings, events and doing product photography, fashion, and documentary photography. (with more than 7 exhibitions around the world).

I had a Studio and I did many jobs retouching and printing for other important photographers (exhibition final retouch) and for my own exhibitions of course.

I’m a programmer as well, I have been programming since 1993 and I have developed many complete Intra and Extranet platforms for Important Companies, I have a long International Experience on Software development, SEO, Digital Marketing and Website development (Wordpress).

I can work on English and Spanish projects as same, I’m very qualified, organized, responsible and faster worker.

Cesar Quijada PhotographyCesar Quijada Photography

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Cesar Quijada - Essay - Escritos

A small thanks

Hoy quiero agradecer un poco, tengo mucho por que hacerlo y jamás habrán palabras suficientes para demostrar lo honrado que me siento, solo modestamente me sirvo a creer que si

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Cesar Quijada - Essay - Escritos

See yourself lifeless

Caminaba yo  por la orilla de los recuerdos sin imaginarme lo que descubriría , me daba cuenta en ese momento que mi vida se estaba acabando lentamente,  yo estaba envejeciendo..,

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