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Macro Photography – Nature – Film

All these photographs were taken like photography exercise, mostly with 35mm film, in the photo gallery you can see macro taken leaves of various plants, flowers like daisies, orchids, tulips and others also are some other elements of nature such as rocks and water.

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Macro Photography – Grasshopper

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The lens faces the clean light in the morning. The garden is revealed as a vast and rich inhospitable territory. In this small universe of meticulous greenery proliferate unholy species for much of human beings. Among these, we find the grasshopper, a peculiar animal to extend no taxonomic classifications that would not come to place, we say that is a bug. Although not well received as a frequent visitor to gardens, the bright colors make your body can not take his eyes off of them easily.

They are as colorful as can be the spring or the colors of the rainbow. Her huge eyes seem to cover everything at every moment as powerful surveillance cameras. On the front, like a pair of fluorescent yellow spears showcases antennas may well be as canes that guide the blind by unknown city. It draws on the hundreds of kinds of herbs that adorn one of those miniature jungles are green areas. Some tiny insects devour, as if it were those Russian dolls, nature is replicated and devours itself.

Many men of genius have seen in this class of animals, a model for developing, who knows what reason, an archetypal morality tale. One of these insects, the same biological phylum, inspired Walt Disney to create Jiminy Cricket. This little creature dressed in elegant hat and three-piece dress, threw the ear of Pinocchio, wooden child lovingly prepared orphan father, Gepetto. While all this is Disney history precisely because the novel took Carlo Collodi, we mean that nature seems to speak to the ear of increasingly dehumanized man.

Destroying everything in our path, slowly, it may not be the end of 2012 as predicted by the paranoid and the fans, but possibly around fifty or one hundred years, the landscape of our planet will have changed in a manner so brutal and drástrica that the finding in a remote future garden of one of these beautiful insects is virtually a fictional story, a scene from a painting or as here, a perfect shooting we will approach these worlds have possibly already exist, worlds we spoke to the ear like Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio the court counselor, the child stubborn.

I love the Macro Photography..