Gracias por tu Donativo – Brenda y Tom

Hi Brenda and Tom

marzo 122 byFirst of all, I want to thank you again for choosing me as your photographer for your wedding, it was a great pleasure to work for you.

Today I am writing to you because I want to tell you that I have made a small donation in your name to “Fundación Esperanza Animal” in Venezuela.

They are a small foundation dedicated to the rescue, care and protection of animals in a state of neglect and poor health in the streets of Caracas.

The animal population living under their roof and in care of the foundation is currently 189 dogs and 10 cats.

The foundation is run by only 2 people working tirelessly to maintain this sanctuary and ensure that these rescued souls receive food, vaccinations, services as deworming and neutering/spaying in addition to harmony and freedom.

The foundation needs constant help to keep functioning, and with your choice of photographer you have contributed your grain of sand to this cause.

Here Maria Gabriela will explain to you what your donation helped.

Thank you very much!


If you like to make any other donation you can contact:

Maria Gabriela Jaar
Telf. +58 0416-6287504/0414-9191357,
Facebook: Fundacion Esperanza Animal
or with me.

Any small help is important, with only $6 per month one of these animals could have a happy life.

Thank you!.

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