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Professional photographers spend a considerable amount of money on editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. While many people may have these programs installed on their computer, few know how to use them well. A photographer with editing skills will make sure your pictures look the best they can.


Professionals have experience. In some cases, many years of it! That’s why they’re professionals. It’s not just about the fancy equipment. Experience means they know how to move around without annoying your guests.

No awkward moments with friends

I have a friend who was going through a hard financial time and when her friends announced their wedding, since she could not afford a nice gift, she offered her services as a photographer. On paper it sounded like a great idea. They would save some money and she’d have new pictures for her portfolio, but things didn’t go as smoothly. On the wedding day the couple kept ordering my friend around as an employee and she didn’t get to enjoy the party. She barely had a drink. After the wedding, the couple had no trouble in telling her that they didn’t like the pictures and asked her to retouch them all, TWICE. Needless to say, it bothered her. They don’t talk to each other anymore. It’s not worth losing a friendship just to save some money. Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

Diamonds and Wedding pictures are forever

What if my friend had taken really bad photos? The couple would’ve had to remember the happiest day of their life by looking at those. Or worse. What if the memory card had gotten lost and they had ended with no pictures at all? A professional photographer will make sure you get your pictures and at the best possible quality.


Yes, your cousin Jenny, the one who studies graphic design, probably has an amazing camera and can take pretty shots with it, but what if her camera fails in the middle of the evening? Does she have a backup plan? Professional photographers often have a second camera (and sometimes even a third!) in case of emergencies. They also have backup lenses, memory cards, batteries and other cool gadgets. Why do you think they always travel with such big bags?

Everyone can be in the picture

If cousin Jenny is taking the photos (how nice of her) she won’t be able to be in the frame. We all have that one family member. The one who always feels more comfortable behind the lens and then when people ask ‘Where is she?’ we find ourselves repeating ‘Oh, she was taking the picture.’ That might fly at your weekend BBQ, but at a more formal event you’d want everyone to be in the photo – at the same time.

Printing Services

Most professional photographers offer printing services. This means one less thing you need to worry about. Printers can be a hassle, especially if you’re not used to dealing with them. Photographers have to print pictures regularly so they know the places to go to and the formats to use.

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Professional photographers know what to do and where to be at the precise moment. You won’t need to remind them to take that picture of you and your cousins (again, Jenny can be in it) or that close-up of the bouquet. With one less worry on your mind, you’ll have more time to enjoy your special day.


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