Amposta Fencing Training Camp – Cesar Quijada Photography

The #fencing in spite of not being a #sport practiced by masses in my country, or to be very recognized, we have had in our history very good #fencers, hundreds of Central American, South American and Pan American titles, several world titles and even #Olympicchampions .

My family has been very close to this sport, my sister was a national team for more than 15 years in the form of foil, contributing with that #Venezuelan fencer history, one of my best friends @Silvio Fernández has also practiced this sport since he was a child, reaching the top of the podium in the most demanding #competitions in the world, inheriting and surpassing the #legacy of his father who was in his time one of the best in the world as well.

These photos that I am going to present you next correspond to a training camp in preparation  for the #OlympicGames in #Beijín 2008, held in the city of #Amposta in #Spain near #Tarragona.

I received the invitation of my Friend Silvio to accompany them and at the same time document a little the work of the athletes and coaches, there under the same roof they gathered of the best of the world of several countries, including #Switzerland, #France, #Cuba and #Venezuela among others .

Fencing is a sport of #agility, #speed, endurance and intelligence, combining technique with strategy, physical conditions with reflexes, quick decisions with #adrenaline, courage with humility and much more, on my own I practiced at least 3 years but without ambitions of the beyond.

Hopefully you have at some point the opportunity to see this sport live, it is very fast and interesting, here I leave some images …

#sportphotography #cesarquijada


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