La Llovizna National Park

Among the many attractions of Venezuela, there is a particularly beautiful. Located in Puerto Ordaz, the national park the drizzle, offers a show where an impressive manner the waters enter into communion with the green splendor of tropical vegetation. Within the 160 acres of parkland, it is possible to find different species of plants, trees, gardens, forests, crossed by two paved roads on which it is possible to admire too, diversity of animal species. Its natural environment is always relaxing waterfalls and is preferred by many people who choose to explore its vast expanse.

Because the territory of the park across the tributary of the Caroni River, the waterfalls of this tax source, make its spectacular is an ongoing attraction for tourists and foreign residents in Venezuela. Particularly this kind of tourist natural attractions attract more and more people interested in the benefits of a plan of relaxation, while providing a practical understanding of nature. This seems to be an ideal activity that encourages many institutions, especially education, to raise awareness about the value and beauty of threatened natural resources on the planet.

This nature was restored by the authorities, and given his obvious disrepair, the Government of Bolivar with the National Electricity Corporation, decided to take on the task of renovating and begin regular maintenance to sustain and feasible touristically this beautiful national park of the drizzle. This has given new life to this national natural, sustainable by the natural landscape made by Mother Nature over millions and millions of years.

National Park in the drizzle also has its attractions, a number of huts typical native Indian culture, they are for the rest of passers of the park. In this idyllic natural setting, in addition to providing the powerful water flow falls, it is possible to exercise outdoors, for within the premises have been serving walkers different exercise equipment in some parts of the park. The National Park is one of the drizzle natural attractions of Venezuela, along with other landmarks like the thunder of Zulia or Angel Falls.

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